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Amazing fudge! Can't get it. :( ... well, maybe ...

I just tried some fudge which I got at the Fancy Food Show in SF recently. It was really good[*]. I Googled for the name on the wrapper (Tradition Ste-Julie) and found the culprits: Confiserie Maison Ste-Julie ... but there's also this site, so I'm not sure which is the most useful.

No US distribution! Grr! Argh!

Oh, hmm, maybe I can get one of our Canadian sales engineers to pick some up for me before he comes to RWC next. :)

[*] Specifically, the ... I think cream fudge, or maybe it was maple. Not chocolate or some such thing. Chocolate is wonderful stuff, but I'm a fudge purist. Fudge doesn't need to be heavily flavoured or overpowered with chocolate. Simple is best.
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