Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Political insanity.

surpheon wrote a good post about the absurdity of the whole idiotic "Obama is inexperienced" meme that's been going around (and, well, things like this have a habit of being self-perpetuating once they start). Quite eye-opening to see how wrong it is.

bizzy_ mentioned, at work, a blog post by wonkette (about as respectable and old school a blogger as exists) about some obscene and insane rabid mumblings of the moron prime minister of Australia. It made me quite angry. Not the blog post. The Australian prime minister. ARGH.

To make you feel better after all the political infuriants (is that a word? well, it is now): kittens

Edit: Apparently I'm one of the only people who think infuriants could be a word, because it's almost a singleton Googlewhack. Ok, I made up the term "singleton Googlewhack". It's both an oxymoron and a bit of a questionable use of the word "singleton". Ahem.
Tags: argh, depressing, politics

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