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WonderCon 2007 - fun, panels and--d'oh!

So, we spent the weekend (except for attending a party at wendelina2's place on Saturday night) up in San Francisco, at WonderCon 2007.

We got to see the first public screening of "300" (as mentioned in my last post), attend some interesting panels, collected some pretty cool schwag (including "driver's licenses" of the main characters from Tim Minear's upcoming [April 15th] show, Drive and cool metal Transformers pins [autobot and decepticon logos]). We got autographs from Jane Espenson (yay!), as well as getting to chat with her a fair bit. Jane is so cool. :) We got to hang out and chat with Richard Hatch a bit too, and get his autograph also. We both managed to get (though not quite the way we were meant to get them [which is to say, drawing the magic tickets]) special wrist bands which allowed us to get Nathan's autograph, along with his co-star Kristin Lehman! Studio provided item (really nice glossy promoting Drive), and got to chat with them for a minute while they were signing.


    • "Trailer Park": A few interesting trailers; nothing so stunning that it jumps out at me, but it was fun.


    • "TV Guide: 2007 & Beyond": A discussion of current and future genre television. On the panel were executive producers of Heroes (Jeph Loeb) and The 4400 (Ira S. Behr) along with Chase Masterson (Leeta on Deep Space 9) and Billy Campbell (Jordan Collier on The 4400).
    • "Gender and Genre", a really cool discussion panel with moderator Amanda Sullivan from Equality Now, and featuring Jane Espenson (frakking excellent TV writer)
    • "Drive: Exclusive Sneak Preview": Executive producers Greg Yaitanes and Ben Queen, and two of the actors, a little-known Canadian actor, Nathan Fillion (hehe) and Kristin Lehman. The long opening scene that Tim showed us at B3 was much more awesome than anything they showed at WonderCon and disappointingly they've dropped the cool red phones in favour of little black cell phone type phones, but the discussion and Q&A were really interesting. Nathan was of course his usual wacky self.
The one really blah thing about the weekend was ... that on Saturday morning, not long after getting pictures with Jane, my camera went missing. Probably stolen from my pocket. Perhaps left somewhere or dropped (though I don't think so) and if that is the case, then it walked, because it never did show up at Lost and Found (not too surprisingly really).

My trusty Canon SD400, gone. :( ... with the 2Gb SD card in it, and containing all my pictures up to that point.

The good news is that we were able to get Lori's camera and get photos with Jane Espenson and with Richard Hatch again, and about the only photo we didn't replicate was Jane eating Dan Tat (egg custard tart) from Golden Gate Bakery -- we had brought 24 of them along on Saturday morning. Oh well. So, other than that it's only the cost of the equipment, not really loss of data (which is really more important).

That combined with e-mail from Costco with the deals of the week including mention of a Canon SD900 started me looking at the SD900 (10MP!) and, after I found out that it does not have the image stabilization of some of the other new SD series models, the SD800 IS. I'm seriously considering the SD800 IS, as it has both image stabilization and a better lens -- 3.8x zoom compared to the 900's 3.0x, and apparently impressive wide angle for a point-and-shoot. Sure, it's only 7.1MP compared to the SD900's 10.0MP, but I don't think the resolution is quite as important as the lens and IS.

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