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Ti Couz

After seeing Howl's Moving Castle, went to dinner with urox, lianthe, lessachu, a friend/colleague and another friend of mine who lives in SF.

We went to Ti Couz, a crepe restaurant in the Mission district. All I can say is: Wow! ... and: Yum!

Their galette crepes (they used different words for 'crepe' and 'galette'; I believe a Brettonne [Brittany] thing--in the gaelic language traditionally spoken there) -- that is, savoury crepes made with buckwheat flour -- were to die for. I had one with caramelised onions, ham, cheese and basil butter. It was incredible. For dessert, I had the special crepe of the day, which was a crepe with chocolate sauce, mascarpone and...ur...something. It was really good, regardless. Oh, and we had a small assortiment charcuterie to start the meal. To drink, I had Orangina (always good) and a passionfruit iced tea (which I ordered in no small part because a bottle of syrup was provided to add to it... but the syrup was way too watery; when I make syrup, it's syrup, damnit, not lightly-sugared water!).

I still love Laurel St. Cafe in San Carlos (it's a wonderful little cafe run by a real French couple; they are wonderful people, they make great crepes, and they also make wonderful sandwiches and salads), but Ti Couz's gallettes are a bit better. They're a tiny bit thinner and a lot crisper without being too crisp. Ti Couz's dessert crepes are similarly good (though I've heard that sometimes Ti Couz's dessert crepes aren't always quite as good as they were this time, whereas Laurel St. Cafe's are always excellent).

We did not leave hungry! We definitely want to go back!

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