Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

So ... very ... tired ...

Got to bed at 23:30 or so. This sounds like a nice early night, until you find out that I got up at 04:30. Did some work and general catch-up, and left to go to the office (because, well, why not beat the traffic?). Well, by the time I left, it was almost 06:00.

I drove a little off course (south an exit) to grab a Jamba Juice to start my day off somewhat healthily, but alas when I arrived at Jamba Juice, they were closed. They open at 06:30. Damn! I must try to remember that. So, futile attempt to get myself a smoothie thwarted, I headed north towards RWC.

As I headed up through Mountain View on 101, a Krispy Kreme coupon called out to me, so I exited at Donut Av^W^WRengstorff Avenue and went in to KK. Asked for a donut off the line, and showed the guy the coupon. When he handed me the bag, he told me that there were 2 in it -- 1 free sample. Pretty funny. A free "sample" as an extra when I went in to get a free donut. I thanked him and handed over the coupon!

I decided I really did still need a smoothie to start--ur, continue--my day, so I went to the RWC Jamba Juice, at Sequoia Stn (6.5mph! demon speed! Numnums'll know what I mean). Mmm, Jamba. That one, at least, was open, but by this point it was almost 07:00 anyway.

Got to the office just after 07:00, and resumed working. I'm so frickin' dead. I really need a weekend.
Tags: argh, food, work
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