Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Free RWC shuttle, extremely weird "300" parody video - Redwood City has a new free shuttle service that travels from the CalTrain station to various business areas (including a block from where I work) starting today. Unfortunately, it ends at 9am (ew), but in the evening, if I were to have to catch trains, it runs 3:30pm-7:15pm, which is not so bad. :) Further info here: (maps and schedules!).

Rather surreal...

This reminds me, we meant to go and see "300" on the IMAX at the Metreon, but this time with good seats, and we never did. I suspect it's gone from there now. D'oh! Oh well.

Oh, and on the topic of spoilers for "300", a colleague, mcl, said: "I suggest you avoid Book VII of herodotus' The Histories if you want to avoid spoilers." Hehe.
Tags: amusing, car, media, random, silly, weird, work

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