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"Serenity" may be released early - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Jun. 15th, 2005

12:20 pm - "Serenity" may be released early

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I should really say "early", since it will still be after the _original_ intended release date, regardless of when they release it, but apparently the people at 'Versal (heh, I like that) are dumbfounded by the amazing response to "Serenity" so far and kicking themselves that they delayed the release, so ... maybe it'll get released early!

Up-side: It may be released sooner! YAY! More people get to see it sooner (and perhaps more often)!

Down-side: Lots of publicity stuff (both studio- and fan-produced) would be obselete. We Browncoats have been putting "September 30th" all over the place, and so has the studio. T-shirts, flyers, posters, ... Stuff created for Comic-Con a month from now might have to be changed. Eek!

Up-side: My "BROWNCOAT STAFF Comic-Con 2005" shirts which arrived today don't appear to mention the actual release date anywhere (they just say "coming this fall to theatres...", so as long as they don't release _too_ much earlier, it's vague enough), so they're not obselete! Phew!