Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

New ramen joint?!

I was trying to remember the name of a ramen restaurant in San Jose using Google (Do-Henkotsu--which has apparently closed! That sucks!), and I stumbled across what appears to be a new ramen restaurant in Cupertino, CA.

[Edit] has a mind-bogglingly long list of places to get ramen in the Bay Area (at least, I think the list is all ramen places, or places that serve ramen). I knew there were 15-20 places in the SFBA, but I didn't think there was anything like 54. All our favourites appear in the top 10, but the ordering is slightly odd. Given how mediocre Ringer Hut was, going below 22 on the list sounds a little unwise, but then I would not have rated Ramen Halu #1 either. It would have ranked further down the top 10 for me.
Tags: argh, consumer, cool, food

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