Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

GPS Navigation? nüvi or not nüvi, that is the question

Hey readers of my LJ (I am sorry I'm not keeping up as a reader of anybody's LJ :/) ... I'm considering a GPS navigation system.

The title's a little disingenuous, but it amused me. Sorry. ;)

Costco has the Garmin nüvi 660 available for $600 until the end of the week, and I like buying from Costco because of the strength of their return policies/additional warranty coverage to 2 years for products which have shorter manufacturer warranties than 2 years. That said, however, in this case it's not necessarily the best deal, as has it for $591.20. Additionally, one has to consider that buying it from Costco it's really ~$650.

Then I did a little research and found that there's a newer model, the nüvi 680, which the review makes sound even better than the 660 (see also their list of reviewed GPS navigation units and ratings/accolades).

The 680 is available on for only $675, which compares awfully favourably to Costco's price on the 660. Alas, Costco doesn't offer the 680.

I've never owned a GPS navigation system, or any form of GPS actually, so I'm a newbie, and I figure there's folks on my flist (heh) who know GPS kit well. Advice? Suggestions? Comments?
Tags: consumer, geeky, travel

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