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Just got back from hospital yesterday, ...

On Monday night, I started to feel bad. By Wednesday morning, having remedied some other symptoms, it became clear that I had pain in my lower right quadrant of my abdomen (y'know, in the general area of the appendix). Doctor's office told me to go to the emergency room -- damn. Pain wasn't too terrible, so decided to drive the 25m or so to Stanford rather than finding a more local emergency room. I'm glad I did. I was admitted on Wednesday morning in the emergency room and released on Saturday late morning. I had to have an emergency appendectomy, which turned from an intended laparoscopic op into an open appendectomy. Not in the least bit fun. I think my surgical team (led, as it happens, by a surgeon from the medical clinic where I see my primary care physician [GP]) was excellent, and the nursing staff (RNs and NAs) were outstanding and wonderful. I experienced the pain running the full gamut from 0 to 10 during my stay (the worst being when I woke up in the recovery room after the op pumped up with as many drugs as they were willing to give me still in absolutely excruciating pain). I'm looking forward to being able to wean myself off vicodin.

[Edit] I guess I didn't mention above that when they went in the reason it turned into an open appendectomy was that they found that my appendix (that we thought had not ruptured/perforated at all) had not only perforated .... but had done so 2 momths ago. Yikes. So, they had to do a lot of work (1.5-2hr op instead of the planned 20 minute op), the details of which I will not turn your stomachs with here. It's ... rather unusual for someone to have a perforated appendix for 2 months and still be walking around.
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