Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Travels: Atlanta (work), LA, Atlanta *again*! (Dragon*Con)

I leave for Atlanta, GA, in just over 24 hours. I have a full day of work, some remaining clothes washing, and ALL my packing still to do. Uhoh. On top of this, I hope to get 2 nights' of sleep?! Anyhow, I'm off to Dragon*Con! Let me know if any of you are going so we can try to coincide at some point.

The past week and a half has been crazy. :) I had already planned things such that I'd have 2 trips more or less back-to-back (just o9ver 48hrs in between them): A trip to LA (down early on Friday morning, back late on Monday evening) and then my trip to ATL for D*C (leaving early on Thursday morning, back late on Monday night). This seemed ... cutting things a little bit fine, but not entirely daunting. Then, however, 2 weeks before my trip to ATL for D*C, my boss asked me, "Are you available to fly to Atlanta for a customer visit Monday-Wednesday next week?" I broke out laughing. Then checked specifics on days, and said I could, but not if it went any longer than that because, as I explained, that would leave me only just over 24hrs before having to leave for LA, and then I'd be off to ATL again, this time on vacation, after only just over 48hrs more. So, I booked my trip to ATL for work on somewhat less than 3 days' notice(!) -- air, car, overly expensive (but awfully nice) hotel room -- and that was that.

While 2 close-to-back-to-back trips seemed a little daunting, 3 trips all crammed together into 2 weeks, including 2 trips to Atlanta (a place I'd only been once before, for D*C 2005) is really just kind of insane.

So here I am, about to head to ATL again (thank the twelve lords of Kobol [if you are confused, watch BSG, damnit!] that I'm American Airlines Platinum--it has its perks). Gosh! So much stuff to do before I go. Yikes. Now: Sleep!!!

Oh, BTW, P.S.: Gaja Moc (Okonomiyaki) in Lomita, CA, and Patisserie Chantilly (right next door!) are excellent. Really good, tasty Okonomiyaki, followed by the most heavenly creme caramel I've ever tasted. Also, Shin-Sen-Gumi => YUM. Shin-Sen-Gumi Summer Matsuri (festival) => FUN + YUM! Alas, didn't win any raffle prizes. Did help save the day and hold down the structure. Gosh. Oh, and WOW, SSG has a lot of employees, overall. Oh, and was recognised by 2 staff members from a restaurant (the one restaurant owned by SSG in Japan) we went to in Tokyo in April (talk about good memories!). Oh, and got to tell the president of SSG that we love his restaurants, and to please open some in the Bay Area. Oh, and did I say YUM? Takoyaki! Okonomiyaki! Yakisoba! Yaki Ika! Ramen! Yakitori! Green tea! Oolong cha! Oh, and getting to hang out with my cousin and her boyfriend was fun too. :) It's always good to see Jessi. She didn't win any raffle prizes either. Boo to not winning! Awesome weekend, though! :)

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