Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Long Hair

I've visited "the south", and Oklahoma (wait, that probably is in the south; oh well, you get the idea; Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma), and yet the one time I've ever had anybody (other than people I know joking around) say anything like the following was ... well, in frickin' LA!

urox and I had just got out of my car, in a parking lot and were walking a short distance to a restaurant, in Gardena, CA (basically suburb of LA, but it's a city in fact), and an SUV full of young males drove past, windows down, and yelled, "Cut your hair, you damn hippy!" Wow. In LA. Huh?! I mean, seriously. I was stunned. :) How do such stupid people live so sheltered a life as to think that way *in LA*?

Anyhow, this is a bit of an irrelevant aside, as that was over a week ago, and I'm sure I ought instead to be posting something about Dragon*Con, but I just remembered that I meant to post about it, since it was so bizarre.
Tags: life, random, weird

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