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In search of izakaya

We are big fans of yakitori as produced by the masters of Shin-Sen-Gumi down in LA. You know this if you've read my LJ at all, really. :> We have, alas, yet to find anything even vaguely comparable in the Bay Area.

We went to a yakitori place in north-western San Jose called Sumiya. It was entirely mediocre. Sigh.

In scouring chowhound for places that might have yakitori, I found a couple of izakaya places that we must try. I'm not sure if either will have yakitori, but both sound potentially interesting:
  • Gochi: Sounds like an intriguing place; a mixture of traditional and exciting new ideas from a really good chef.
  • Saizo: More standard izakaya, definitely some yakitori, and anything with yuzu is a good thing.
Must try these soon.
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