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Amusing/interesting tabs from my web browser...

So, my laptop failed to hibernate this morning due to the fact that there was insufficient swap space. Apparently the long-running Firefox instance (probably due to flash and the like) had eaten vast quantities of RAM. So, I drove to work with my laptop running (not suspended in any way). Shortly after I arrived, Firefox crashed (silly Firefox). Restoring my session (thank the twelve lords of kobol(TM) for restore) took ... a while ... due to all the tabs in all the Firefox windows it had to restore, so I figured, rather than having 10 million tabs open because I wanted to tell people about them but hadn't got around to it, I should actually, y'know, tell people about them and/or post them and/or just close them. So, without further ado, let me give you ...

funny pictures
(It's a pity about the tabby...)

OpenTable's list of Bay Area Michelin Star Recipients. Mmm. Must try a few of these (obviously we've tried some -- ur, a couple? -- ur, one. huh. only one! the top one: The French Laundry). Anyhow, food. Yum. Good food. Even more so.

SFGate's "Imbibing izakaya style" article has been a useful resource, along-side chowhound and Yelp in our quest to find and enjoy good Japanese food in the Bay Area. There's plenty of generic sushi-plus-some-udon-and-donburri-and-teriyaki type Japanese restaurants in the Bay Area, but we have had a lot of trouble finding really good more Japanese food outside this California norm. I believe our favourite izakaya so far is Tanto. Possibly the Sunnyvale location not mentioned in the article, but really both are good. At the Sunnyvale Tanto, last night, two of the specials were really awesome -- Niku Tofu (tofu, pork, onion, egg, etc. in a surprisingly unctuous broth) and Buta Jaga Okonomiyaki (Okonomiyaki!!!!! Woot!). YUM.

"Convert .dmg files to .iso files for burning elsewhere," is an article which I don't want to lose track of which lets one know how to turn lame Apple-specific disc images (ok, lame for the purpose of portable CD/DVD images; not really lame in general) into nice portable ISO images.

CHDK (a firmware add-on for Canon's Digic II & Digic III cameras) seems kind of intriguing. A colleague told me one can do all sorts of interesting things with it, including (if I recall correctly) HDR photography using P&S Canon digital cameras. Apparently you can just have it load off your memory card (non-destructively). Ooh! Shiny!

James Duncan Davidson's discussion of Bitstream Vera Sans Mono as a fixed-width font for use in terminals. Opinions vary widely. Worth noting in case I want to play with it on my Mac some day, but not so exciting that I have made time to do so yet.

Opening: Redwood City's Red Lantern is an article on SFGate about a new frou-frou-sounding Asian/fusion restaurant in RWC in the new multiplex-centric area of downtown.

TRAVEL67 is the web site of this English ex-pat living in Japan (who I played scrabble with on facebook*cough* um, ur, some erudite forum of scholarly endeavours). Pretty cool photography and graphic design. Very nice work, and really showcasing some of the beautiful sights to be seen in Japan.

Eric Joisel's origami creations are, to use an appropriately tmesis-enhanced pseudo-perjorative, unfrakkingbelievable. He makes amazing sculptures from paper. These are not your standard little origami cranes and the like. See in particular his masks and busts collection. Wow. Just ... wow.

The video below (Killer Bean Forever - Official Trailer) sounded cheesy as all hell, but -- ok, fine, it is cheesy as hell, but it's also made of awesome and win!

Incidentally ... hey, AIB.IR? Could you please stop DROPPING?! Please to be rising way back up while this exchange rate thingy still favours me converting EUR to USD (ratios like 1:1.4626 are nice)! K THX BYE!

Oh, yeah, and Marié Digby is the best thing to come out of Smallville.

Oh yeah! Grand Central (a new service from Google), is pretty frickin' awesome. That is all.
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