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Conspiracy! =) Is Boeing's Randy Real?!

While looking for images of various Boeing 747 series planes, I stumbled upon this page, a blog on called "Randy's Journal". It has a picture of a smiling somewhat elderly gentleman. If you follow the About Randy, it says:
    "Randy Baseler is the lucky guy who gets to travel the world talking about Boeing’s perspective on commercial aviation. As vice president of marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle, Randy is always meeting with experts, analysts, and airline customers, and talking with aviation and business media."
Ok. No problem. The thing is, though, on either of those pages, if you click the title image, it sends you to, but if you click that you get redirected to No problem. Redirection. Nothing weird about that, right? But then, you notice the picture of an entirely different fellow! That's kind of odd, huh? It gets weirder! On the right hand side of that page, it reads:
    "This is the home page of Randy's Journal, a blog of thoughts and observations hosted by Randy Tinseth, vice president, marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle."
Um. Really? They have hot-swappable VPs of Marketing called Randy? Maybe Randy is really a fictional character and they decided to do an image update? :>

No, I don't really believe this. :) I expect it's simply a big coincidence that they happen to have replaced a VP of Marketing with another with the same first name. Funny, though!
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