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A Tale of Circuit Cities

It's not so much what Circuit City did, but what they didn't do: They didn't send a circular out in this past week's dead tree spam.

While this would not normally register at all on my metaphorical radar, I was checking the dead tree spam for circulars from Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Wal*Mart, et alia, as that is the most likely source (perhaps outside the newspaper, which I really ought to have thought of acquiring and perusing, but 20-20 hindsight is only useful in as much as it can help to modify behaviour in the future) of information about shipments of Nintendo Wii consoles.

So, given zero data about which stores might have them and armed only with somewhat vague information that there was finally due to be some sort of perhaps sizeable delivery of said consoles to various stores on Sunday, January 20th, I braved the overly morningish hours to be the early bird and get the annelid of the Nintendoid variety, only to be told by the purveyors of electronics at the local Best Buy that they received no Wiis. O cruel fates!

So I began calling around the other purveyors, and discovered that all the Circuit City stores had had deliveries and were already sold out (they had opened an hour before Best Buy, and while the kind people of Best Buy let me know they had received none in advance of their opening time, Circuit City had then been open for over 20 minutes. 5 minutes is enough to ensure that no store has any stock left.

So, I can't really blame Circuit City, but it was kind of an annoying wasted morning waiting for Best Buy (a super-new store in an only partially open new ... mall (more a gargantuan parking lot surrounded by gargantuan stores) which I thought might be less traveled and thus I might be more likely to be first or close to first in line at) to open and then making fruitless calls to various Circuit City, Gamestop (which it turns out do not receive shipments on weekends, therefore need not be bothered with on a weekend if searching for a Wii as no Wii survives 24 hours on the shelf), Wal*Mart and Target stores.
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