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Food, food, food and drink!

Firefox is straining from the weight of all the tabs I have chronically open, and a lot of them are food-related, so here's my round-up of all the interesting food-related stuff I've been collecting of late.

Restaurants I (really) want to visit:
  • A post on the BITS AND BITES blog on starts off with a short paragraph totally irrelevant to the rest of the post (no, I'm not including this link because of FUD about eating cloned animals). The rest of the post is about Epic Roasthouse, which sounds like it'll be the fourth Pat Kuleto endeavour in the San Francisco city limits. It sounds quite tasty indeed.

  • "My 10 most memorable meals of 2007," an article on the San Jose Mercury News site, lists some places that could be interesting to try, including Plumed Horse in Saratoga (under new ownership) and Nami Nami, but probably almost all of them.

  • I'm really not a coffee person. I should probably explain that. I love things which are flavoured with coffee (cake, ice cream, drinks full of milk and syrup/sugar! This is why I like Starbucks :) ... but coffee itself is just bitter and nasty. So, people always talk about, "Oh, that just means you haven't had good coffee." I don't think this is true, but perhaps I can test the theory against the ultimate brewed coffee, the $20,000 cup of coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee in SoMa. It seems like a visit to this joint in SF might be worthwhile trying.

  • If I ever make it back to Catalonia, it sounds like a visit to Ferran Adria's El Bulli restaurant in Rosas (I thought it was Roses... pronounced Rojhejh, kind of -- if I recall correctly, this is the town which is home to Salvador Dali's museum, which I visited as a child) is pretty much a moral imperative for a foodie. Hmmmmmmm.
Places I have recently been:
  • This post on Chowhound talks about a new French Patisserie in Redwood City, CA, called Pamplemousse Patisserie et Cafe. Their macaroons are indeed almost transcendentally good, and they have a lot more variety than the post on Chowhound suggests. They had at least 30 different flavours when I visited yesterday. Yum!
Useful on-line resources and random silliness:
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