Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

TSA adds more incredibly burdensome rubbish that doesn't improve security!
    "Wow, flying out of SFO just became much worse. While traveling this morning I surprised to find out that TSA is now requiring that you remove all electronic devices from your carry-on bags, including cables etc. and place them in a separate bin to be scanned at the security checkpoints."
If they implement this across the board, or the next time I fly out of SFO, it's going to take me like 15 minutes to unpack all the cables and electronics and stuff from my backpack, and another 15 to pack it back up! Argh! How stupid.

A colleague said he's flying tomorrow, and he plans to put all his cables and stuff into a plastic bag. My problem is there's electronics or cables in every single compartment of my many-compartmented backpack, and stuff likely in any other bags I may have with me, so it would probably not be possible to pack everything if I were to combine it all into one bag, but perhaps the bundle of cables and stuff in the small front pouch can go into a quart ziplock, and the 2 power supplies in the smaller main compartment and any other junk in there can go in a gallon ziplock, and the mass of cables plus voice recorder attachment for my iPod plus bluetooth headset plus ..... in the tiny little compartment at the top can go into a sandwich bag, and .......

Ok, so I could cut it to only about 5-10 times as burdensome as removing only my laptop, but, uh, that stuff probably makes up well over half the contents (by volume) of my backpack!

This rule clearly wasn't considering geeks; only average people with their iPod, phone, camera and laptop. Heck, even an average person has a bunch of things. Blah.
Tags: argh, depressing, life, pointless, silly, travel

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