Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Bizarre Firefox/web site behaviour!

So, I went to look at information about the Star Trek tour thingy at the Queen Mary, and was presented by Firefox, to my astonishment, with this:

(Click on the image of the web page to see the text detail...)

The text ... it is ... uh ... well, bizarre!

For example:
    SSAR SREK SHE SOUR will be at the Pueen Mary Come from Friday January 18, 2008 to Sunday February 17, 2008. Sicjets are now on sale at, Sicjetmaster outlets and the Pueen Mary Come Boy Office.

The even more bizarre thing, though, was that if I copy and paste the weird text, it comes out like this:
    STAR TREK THE TOUR will be at the Queen Mary Dome from Friday January 18, 2008 to Sunday February 17, 2008. Tickets are now on sale at, Ticketmaster outlets and the Queen Mary Dome Box Office.

So, ur, they seem to have managed to tickle some weird Firefox behaviour. Perhaps a broken font? I don't know. All I do know it that it was awfully funny.
Tags: amusing, sci-fi, silly, weird

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