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"Red Lantern", Redwood City, CA

We went to "Red Lantern" the other day. Some of it was excellent. Some was "eh".

OpenTable asked me for feedback, and gave me only 750 characters, so to avoid just sending it, impermanent as a shooting star, into the aether and losing it forever, I hereby preserve my review for posterity:
    Food: Good
    Ambiance: Very Good
    Service: Good
    Overall: Good

    Noise: Quiet

    Categories: Fit for Foodies, Neighborhood Gem, Romantic
    (with some reservations)

    The foie gras (Lapis Kraton) was excellent but the price too high for such a *tiny* portion. I have never been served such a tiny portion of foie gras before other than as an amuse bouche.

    The Martabak was tasty and enjoyable, though I wasn't bowled over by the mango chutney -- it seemed less like chutney and more like mango puree.

    The jasmine rice was dry and the roti prata was uninspiring.

    The noodle dish we had (Phuket Noodle) and the seabass (rangoon clay pot) were very good. The only thing I might change about the seabass would be to consider adding some jus/sauce.

    The desserts (especially the "chocolate lover") were excellent, though I might even suggest turning up the heat (spiciness) of the "chocolate lover" just a little bit.
So, I would go back. The decor is really nicely done. Some of the food was great. Other things were a bit eh, but there were a couple of things on the menu I would have liked to have ordered which I could try another time, and we can simply not re-order the things which didn't thrill.

I left the checkbox unchecked to indicate that I was ok with them forwarding my comments to the restaurant, and gave an e-mail address in case the restaurant wants to contact me about my comments. I enjoyed the dinner enough that I'd like them to see my comments and consider them, perhaps improve some things.
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