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Dude, where's my pixels?! - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

May. 10th, 2008

07:35 pm - Dude, where's my pixels?!

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Date:May 12th, 2008 01:49 am (UTC)
The silly thing, though, is that panels are getting cheaper. Much cheaper. And yet they're just deciding to cheap it out more and more rather than giving us the fruits of progress.

Of course, one could say that the market self-selects the fact that they care less about pixels than shaving a few bucks off the top of a laptop. Humbug! Humbug, I say!

I've not looked at the T61p. I suspect that our systems manager reckoned they were too big/heavy. The business types mostly have little X60s or whatever they're called, but most of us Engineers would rather have the larger (alas not large, though) number of pixels and somewhat higher spec overall. 1680x1050, I could deal with.

I could not agree more with you on the "'wide screen' marketing halo" hiding trimming off pixels.

The same effect had people paying much higher prices for "widescreen TVs" (even before HD), even if it were a widescreen TV with the same horizontal size and smaller vertical size. I always thought that was so moronic.

Oh, and a slightly similar effect (ok, only half of it -- the confusion of change, but not the marketing halo) enabled retailers in Ireland (and presumably all over Europe) to increase prices when the changeover to the Euro happened (so, you're changing the price on an item from IEP 5.99 to the equivalent EUR 7.60, they pulled stuff like changing the price to EUR 9.50. It was much less immediately obvious (you'd have to do calculations to figure out that they'd done it) than if they had later raised prices from 7.60 -> 9.50.
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