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FREE stuff!

We have a few things that we're hoping to give away to someone who might need them. Please let me know if you want any of them via e-mail or comment on the post or phone or whatever.
    1. Toaster Oven - We have a new one, and are hoping to find a home for the old one. The old one is currently in need of cleaning, but is operational (it's been in regular use to this day) and not so nasty that we haven't been continuing to use it. I am pretty sure it would clean up fairly well. We haven't had time to contemplate cleaning it (well, no more than contemplate it at least) yet, so if you're willing to take it and clean it, that's ideal.

    2. Fax Machine - It's not a laser one, but we have the machine and, I believe, some extra transfer roll thingy wotsits. It's indubitably not the fanciest/best fax machine EVAR, but it works (or did last time we used it).

    3. Humidifier - Needs cleaning/disinfecting. It has a tendency for its filter to mold really quickly, but perhaps that's our place, and perhaps with some disinfecting you could make it work for you? We have the machine and 2 totally new-in-box filters.
So, if you are interested in any of the above and are able to collect it from us in the SF Bay Area, please let me know ASAP. :) Also let me know if you have any questions / want any further details.
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