Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

30 Days

This show "30 Days" is surprisingly rather good.

I like that it's kind of a return to more traditional documentary style rather than typical "reality TV" crap, and I like how it seems to be about calmly considering and breaking down people's prejudices rather than being a spectacle.

I have watched the episode where they had a white guy living with an Arab family and the one with a devout Christian who believes being gay is wrong living with a gay man in the Castro (in San Francisco).

I really like that they picked a really intelligent, eloquent gay man, and an intelligent arab couple, and that while the guys who went to live with them had prejudices, they were intelligent and could challenge their prejudices and perhaps come out with a really different way of thinking about the topic and the people involved.

This was just a little bit less true in the guy living with the gay man than in the guy living with the arab family... but he seemed to be at least trying to consider and change his ideas a bit, except when he got defensive. At the very least, if he didn't quite change his stance on being gay being a sin, he did have somewhat of a "wow, they're real, living, breathing people with thoughts and feelings and they have regular jobs and do regular stuff like the rest of us" epiphany, and that was something!

Damn, it's refreshing seeing calm, thoughtful, eloquent, intelligent people on TV.

It's on Fox. It'll probably get cancelled.

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