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Today I (along with my wife and baby) ...

... gave my baby a bath.
... picked up to-go Dim Sum.
... drove to Sonoma County (to atend a party).
... attended a party at Loxton Cellars.
... saw Seth Walker perform live (at Loxton).
... had a pigeon fly into my windscreen while traveling at 40-50mph.
... did not get a broken windscreen (just wet; apparently the pigeon was wet?).
... went to Gelateria Naia in Berkeley (yum!).
... picked up Gyros and Falafel at Gaters (strange name for a halal restaurant).
... watched a fraction of an episode of Castle (baby interrupt occurred).
... hooked up a new TV and tested it out (using "Chuck" on Blu-ray in the PS3).
Tags: life
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