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Social acceptance ... or rather lack thereof! - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Oct. 27th, 2009

08:16 am - Social acceptance ... or rather lack thereof!

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While driving back from dropping my daughter at daycare, I saw 3 youths on an overpass jumping up and down holding political signs.

While I'm all for youth involvement in politics, this kind not so much.

The signs said "Protect Children! Preserve Marriage!" I didn't need to see any more than that to know that it must be some pretty obnoxious cause involving crushing the rights of others. It doesn't take a PhD to guess what they were attempting to get people to vote down a proposition to allow gay marriage.

I guess it's not really anything to do with their youth. It's just that their message quashed any enthusiasm I might have had for their getting involved in the political process.

It makes me sick when people conflate their inability to accept allowing rights to others (which does not in any way affect rights, and which is none of their damned business except in that they should want to uphold those rights) with oppressing them or removing their rights. The oppressors basically want everyone to think that it is oppressing them to not allow them to oppress others. It's like a bully claiming that not letting him beat up the smaller kids is cruelty towards him. How can anybody be hoodwinked by this non-logic?

Edit: The signage being waved about by the youths was for this crowd.

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