July 21st, 2005

Suited at Stanford

Program your video recording devices for "Firefly"!

"Firefly" starts up on Sci-Fi channel (US) this Friday (um, yes, tomorrow), and they're (unlike Fox) airing all the episodes, and doing so in order! Program your TiVos, ReplayTVs, VCRs, etc.!

If you can, go to http://the11thhour.home.att.net/ -- Serenity viral marketing; posters to download, print and post -- and print off some posters and post them all over the place (legally, of course) and try to get more viewers for Firefly. I suggest your offices, friendly coffee shops, stacks of small versions of the posters on the counters in friendly comic book stores, etc., etc., etc. Use your imagination. Yes, I know this is a bit late.

Only vaguely related:
There's a parody of Firefly called Mosquito (see http://www.mosquitoverse.com/) which will apparently be shown at Dragon*Con in early September, and they have a teaser trailer on-line, downloadable from the aforementioned web site.