October 4th, 2005

Suited at Stanford

It's been over a month since I last...

...posted to or even read LiveJournal!

It's been a CRAZY month. Dragon*Con in Atlanta followed by Mum and my brother coming to stay for 10 days (in which time we rushed around California like mad, visiting relatives, wine tasting and eating really good food), Browncoats meet-ups, Serenity press screenings, getting to go at the last moment to the honest to ${deity} Red Carpet gorram US Premiere of the Big Damn Movie in Universal City, CA, to the Serenity FanFest at Universal Studios Hollywood, to crazy work stuff, to midnight showings and seeing Serenity 3 times in a 24 hour period, to ...

Well, you get the idea. CRAAAAAAAZY.

I'm not even going to try and pretend that I'll have time to catch up on the past month of LJ posts, so maybe I'll just skip 'em all and see if I can't keep up now.

Well, the Big Damn Movie (Serenity!) is out now. It did a slightly soft opening weekend, but we have to prove now that it "has legs" so we get sequels. The weekend apparently matters much more than mid-week, so if you can go and see it (many times, ideally!) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please do! I'd see it a few times except that I'll be working (Browncoat staffing, rather than Con staffing) at SiliCon, promoting the BDM, over the weekend, so I'll only have the opportunity to see it ... maybe once or twice over the weekend (maybe Friday night and/or Sunday night). Really, though, if you can, please go and see it next weekend.

We have to hold the line, stay the course, and make sure the 2nd weekend's figures are close to the opening weekend figures (a 40+% drop would be ... bad; ideally, we'd have <= a 25% drop; ok, ideally we'd have an increase =). If you can't go and see it again (and again, ...) next weekend, talk it up to your friends, your enemies, your colleagues, your hair dresser, your financial advisor, random people at the supermarket, ... Let's make this Big Damn Movie a Big Damn Success, like it deserves to be, people!
Suited at Stanford

It just occurred to me...

It just occurred to me that there IS a use for Guantanamo: Fax spammers! ARGH!

Actually, I'm pretty sure Guantanamo's too nice for them, but they sure as heck need to be sent somewhere that ignores the Geneva Convention. Regular spammers and telemarketters ... kind of also, but Fax spammers annoy the hell out of me even more. For one, e-mail spam doesn't wake me in the middle of the gorram night... and telemarketters don't generally speaking call in the middle of the night either. Oh, and fax spammers don't seem to give a damn about the Federal Do-Not-Call list. The worst thing is, it seems there's absolutely nothing one can do.
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Suited at Stanford

Extolling the virtues of Serenity

A friend complained that I was talking about ticket sales and box office figures and so on, and not extolling the virtues of the movie, Serenity.

I have concerned myself quite a bit over the past few days with box office numbers and ticket sales (as have a lot of people I know), as I want there to be sequels made to this fantastic movie. This is my LiveJournal, and as such posting what is on my mind seems perfectly reasonable to me. Also, it seems obvious that I would not be hoping for there to be sequels made if I did not really love this movie. That aside, however, extolling the virtues of the Big Damn Movie is certainly also a good thing. In fact, I'm fairly sure I've extolled its virtues in my LiveJournal before, though I certainly haven't gone into any specifics, and won't now.

Serenity is a beautiful, exciting, poignant, exhultant, heart-rending, joyful, hillarious, fantastic, incredible emotional roller-coaster ride which benefits greatly from repeat viewings. Each time you see it, you will catch new things, hear/see new nuances. The acting is profoundly wonderful. The cast was BORN to play their characters. The story is never dull, always true to itself, complex yet understandable. The cinematography and the visual and sound effects are wonderful. The soundtrack is excellent. The dialogue is pure Whedon goodness. It is true to Firefly. It is completely accessible to people who never saw the show without being full of overt exposition. It is truly a work of genius. It was made on a comparative shoestring budget (compared to other big sci-fi movies), and yet it comes out looking better than all the others. It has incredible effects, and yet it is not about effects. It is about people. Real, believable people. While the scene is removed from the current day, the characters and the experiences they have are very real, and as is usual for Joss, cliches are thrown out the airlock.

The last part of the movie isn't always appreciated/enjoyed on the first viewing, especially by Firefly fans (I did not fully appreciate it myself on the first viewing; I was unsure that I liked it), but after coming to terms with it, a second viewing of the movie really lets you appreciate it that much more.

Almost everybody loves this movie. Firefly fans and people who've never seen an episode alike. I had concerns that it would appeal less to non-fans, but those fears have been allayed, having seen and heard so many extremely positive responses to the movie from non-fans ... and thus word of mouth and getting as many people out to see it as possible is the thing I'm concerning myself with.