February 10th, 2006

Suited at Stanford

More linky stuff

"Company", by Max Barry -- A book that a colleague recommended highly. Sounds kind of intriguing. :)

Oh my $deity! DDR finger pads!

Heehee! Devastating Sonic Hip Attack!

A cell phone unlocking and flash upgrading service. Yes, you can battle your provider to unlock your phone (and, honestly, that's what I recommend--make up a story if you have to; they already have you stuck under contract; locking your phone so you can't use it, despite still being their customer, to put a SIM card in it from a different network, e.g. one owned by a visiting friend from another country, sucks), but if you don't feel like it, this crowd claims to be able to do it for you. More importantly, they can flash upgrade phones which none of the silly US cell phone providers support and therefore none of them will upgrade for you, e.g. my 6310i.

"Ferrofluid Sculptures by Sachiko Kodama" -- This is some pretty cool science-meets-art!

"Hooked on a Feeling" -- OH MY GOD MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!

"LEGO Difference Engine: Building A Calculating Machine Using LEGO" -- Wow! Cool! Super-geeky!

"How-to: Stream music through your TiVo" -- I doubt I'll bother, but, well, I'll be able to find it this way if I ever decide that I care!