February 16th, 2006

G'Kar/AK R.I.P.

Andreas Katsulas, R.I.P.

When I heard the other day that Andreas Katsulas had died, I was sad as I thought he was really a great actor and his character G'Kar on Babylon 5 was very true--very real--in no small part because of his portrayal of the character as an actor.

It was indeed sad, but it really hit me when I read JMS's post about Andreas Katsulas' passing on the front page of ISN News, a URL that was sent to SoCalBrowncoats. I got pretty choked up reading it. The world has lost a good man and a wonderful actor, and JMS' obituary is a beautiful tribute to the man as well as the actor.

There's also a video tribute (larger version, 92Mb).

No more Chantico!

Starbucks has killed off the Chantico, their take on (or if not, it's awfully similar, I believe) the Italian drink, "cioccolata calda"! Wah! I hadn't had one in many months, and I only found out because I ordered one (by proxy) today. D'oh!
Driving my car

Whedon vs. Ellis -- fight!

Many of you have probably been following this already, but the most bizarrely hillarious tongue-in-cheek flame war went on today (which I am now offering you all the opportunity to read not-live; sorry, didn't get around to posting earlier) between Joss Whedon (yes, really) and Warren Ellis:


Black Market Beagles

A couple of friends of mine (lexigeek and karlamrich, as it happens) have just put together a new business selling really shiny Firefly/Serenity-related original art posters/t-shirts:Not 'arf bad! (Oh my ${deity}, I had typed that before I even realised that it was an utterly hideous pun...)

They're getting quite a bit of attention, from places like Whedonesque and SerenityStuff.com.