March 2nd, 2006


Now's the time to buy Firefly!

If any of you are still holding out and haven't yet bought Firefly, or if you want to buy a second copy (I have a loaner copy and one I don't lend out), or if you think copies would make good gifts ... now's the time to buy. just decreased the price a LOT. It's now 60% off which makes it $19.86. I'm kind of stunned at that price. I've never seen it lower than around $30 before. I have to figure out now who I can give copies to as presents. :)

Here's where it's at: Firefly - The Complete Series (DVD)

[EDIT: Blah! They've raised the price up to 50% off rather than 60% off, so just under $25]

In other Firefly-related bargain news, Black Market Beagles is having a 10% off sale. =) ... and they have new stuff including a Wash shirt or two.
Trek Communicator

Free Enterprise

So, the very amusing film Free Enterprise is being re-released on DVD ... 5 days from now (March 7th). :) (Cool!)

So, I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from someone from M80 Interactive Marketing asking me if I'd be prepared to put up a banner or press release on my Star Trek site and that if I was amenable to the suggestion, she'd be happy to send me a copy of the DVD. It was slightly strange, but it seemed like it could be legit, so I decided to respond and ask more. Anyhow, to cut a long (well, not very, but a bit) story short, I put up a banner, and she said she'd send me the DVD. Not only was it legit, but I got my DVD today, less than a week, I think, after I put up the banner, and almost a week before it's due to be released! :) Nice! That's the most I've ever got (in a concrete sense) from any of my web sites. =)

Anyhow, the movie is cool, the guys who created it are very amusing/interesting (saw them both on a panel at WonderCon 2006), and I hope they do really well from their DVD sales!
Firefly Cast

CDBaby is teh weeeeeeeird!

The people who run CDBaby (from which I recently ordered this CD) are ........ really odd.

The following is the (so ludicrous that they can get away with it being clearly full of lies :) e-mail that I received from them to tell me that my CD had shipped (minus some boring actual factual goop about my order from the top):

Collapse )

P.S. Being sick sucks. :/