March 18th, 2006

Ireland from Space

Boston trip, day 0/1

Left SJC at 8:15 last night, arrived in BOS at 4:50am. Had forgotten to print out information on the hotel that maeglin73 was staying in -- D'OH -- which meant I had to do some sluething from the airport to get the address of the hotel and confirm that I had the right hotel, as I was then to go to his hotel, bang on the door, waking the poor fellow, and kip for a couple of hours on the extra bed in his room. Woke up at 9am local (6am Pacific--yuck! I should probably have spent more than 0 minutes sleeping on the flight out and less of it making code 64-bit clean, watching DirecTV [a bit of Dr. Who; a show on BBC America called "Black Books" about a comical trio involved to varying degrees in running a behind-the-times book shop in England], watching video on my laptop [an episode of Futurama; an unaired episode of Kitchen Confidental] and lisening to my iPod) and drove to wizzu's hotel, via a stop at *$$[1] to grab something to keep me going until late lunch a few hours later.

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