March 19th, 2006

Suited at Stanford

Two things I forgot to mention.

JetBlue rocks. Cheap as heck, 36 channels of live TV and ... completely contrary to what I had expected, they served quite a variety of snack foods (remarkably high quality/yummy stuff, including naturally blue potato chips and biscotti) and drinks, and were extremely friendly/helpful. The stewardess who most often served my part of the plane offered to get me several drinks at once if I liked, and did, and offered that I could take a selection of snacks, not just one, if I liked. I took the chips and biscotti, and she asked if I wanted any more. Wacky. So not what I was expecting. I mean, I heard that the service was good, but really, it seems like the only thing some airlines have over JetBlue these days is ... uh, well, you might get a pretty mediocre sandwich in a paper bag on your way onto the plane on an AA flight, whereas you just get snacks on JetBlue, but the snacks on JetBlue are better than any other airline ... and if I want a sandwich sort of thing, I can choose my own by purchasing a sandwich/bagel/something on my way to the airport/plane.

Secondly, "Patty" or "Pattie" is typically short for "Patricia". It's not "St. Patty's Day". If you want to shorten it, I suggest the normal short form for Patrick--Paddy. "St. Paddy's Day" or just "Paddy's Day" is fine.
Ireland from Space

Boston trip, day 2

So, maeglin73 put up a few pictures from day 1 at:

Yay for people with cameras (extremely nice camera, too) when I forgot mine!

I'm back in my hotel, having said bye to maeglin73 and Tale after dinner and to Mikko around 1am, after playing pool and bowling. I may try to do a little touristy stuff in the morning before heading to the airport. I'll see how that goes. I fly back to San Jose tomorrow afternoon. It's been a lot of fun, but I'm also really looking forward to getting home.

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