March 24th, 2006

Firefly Cast

Into the Black

I keep wondering, when Into the Black gets referenced, whether there's an episode yet, or when there will be. Really, if one's going to have a site for a fan TV show which will be downloadable (at least, I assume...), then one should have a "download" link in the navigation list of links. If it's available for download, that's where you find it. If it's not available yet, that's where you (the site owner) put a bit of text explaining that it's not available to download yet and give a bit of status, or link to somewhere which gives a bit of status, a la "we're in post-production" or "we have started filming" or whatever. I find it annoying that it's hard to figure out what the status is or even at first glance whether it's perhaps available already if you register.