April 7th, 2006


Cheeze, Sweet Tech & Serenity! Oh my!

OMGWTFCHEEZE! => http://www.peepdrinks.com/pages/2/index.htm

This tasty piece of wi-fi tech is really tempting... and there's Linux/MacOS software available too, not just the usual Windoze carp. Nice! I want one!

BTW, for wizzu: Serenity released on DVD in Finland =) Of course, wizzu has a (R2) copy already, but he can tell all his friends to buy it. ;)

P.S. Argh! Too much stuff to do! Too little time. Too little sleep.

P.P.S. Weekend! Yay! ... and better yet, we get incredible ramen and yakitori and to hang out with Browncoats, and to see costumes from Serenity, get to see Kinky Boots (starring Chewitel Ejiofor - the Operative from Serenity) at what promises to be a fantastic cinema, and get to go bowling and stuff. Crazy fun-packed weekend.