April 8th, 2006

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Droolworthy dinner, crappy hotel

We're camped out in a crappy hotel room ($4.99 for Internet access ["For the day?" "No, for your entire stay, no matter how long] and cheapness really being the only redeeming features). ExtendedStayAmerica, Gardena, CA: Just say no. Hotwire 2-star hotels in the LA area: Shell out more and go for a 3-star or better. This is really just advice to myself. Hopefully I'll remember.

That said, it is a room, with a bed. It doesn't smell too bad (though I'm not convinced it's a non-smoking room... hmm). There's a kitchenette we won't use. It is a place to sleep. *shrug*

Dinner at Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori (Gardena) was, as we knew it would be, pretty damned great.

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Tomorrow, Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen (Gardena) for lunch? Brunch? Breakfast? ... then hanging out with SoCalBrowncoats types, then Kinky Boots (what looks to be a hillarious British movie starring Serenity's own Chiwetel Ejiofor) at Arclight Cinemas (supposedly where 'Hollywood' go to see movies. Supposedly Best. Sound. EVAR.), then Yakitori again (mmm) tomorrow!
Suited at Stanford

Ok, I lied

Well, not lied, but underestimated/understated crappiness.

Hotel really is bad. Lay down to go to sleep and started coughing and felt almost like I was having trouble breathing -- feels like from the dust, and I'm not someone who is sensitive to dust. I'd say I'm less sensitive than average if anything. Running the A/C unit on fan-only (effectively) constantly has I think made it a tiny bit better, though not a great deal (and it made it worse if anything when first turned on).

Also, first time since 2001 (Beijing -- or maybe Shanghai, but I think the hotel in Shanghai did better) that I've had synthetic bed sheets. Yuck.