April 20th, 2006

Bowling Action

I am soooooo far behind on LJ ... & OMGWTFLEMMINGS!!!1!

#include <stddisclaimer/possiblebizzy_references.h>

I haven't had time to read LiveJournal in the past 2 days! That is to say, I am posting blind.

To start with, an amusing 24-related funny:

And now, the meat of the post:
HOLY CARP! LEMMINGS! -> http://www.elizium.nu/scripts/lemmings/
I so want to waste all day playing Lemmings.....

<antirant>Finally got done (with some help from Damien) figuring out a horrible bug which only showed up on Solaris 10 sparc (compiled in 64-bit mode)! YAY!</antirant>
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