April 23rd, 2006

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Excellent day!

Things that are awesome:Today included all of the above. Funtastic! Got home at 4am from waywardbound's place, having watched the movie mentioned above, after bowling with a bunch of greatly fun Browncoats who we had had dinner with at the wonderful Dynasty (a wide assortment of authentic [read: not Westernized] dishes selected by urox), before which several of them visited and played board/card games. Fun day! Oh yeah. Hmm... it's almost 5am. Definitely need to get to sleep ASAP.


I would just like to say ... MySpace makes the asthete and UI designer inside me scream a thousand screams. I hate, hate, hate it. That said, I was persuaded to get an account, against my better judgement, so I have a MySpace account. :/


P.S. Why does "preview" no longer work when posting to LJ?
Bowling Action

LJ preview borkedness

Got this response from LJ support:
    Thank you for your report. This is occurring because the style you're using is unable to render your entry preview in your journal style. LiveJournal developers will be working to resolve this problem as soon as possible.
I knew I didn't screw it up. They did. I'm glad that they're working on it. :)No thanks! I'd rather not. I'll deal, and hope that they fix it soon. It's annoying, but not too awful.
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