May 11th, 2006

Suited at Stanford

The Printer Saga

I have a fantastic printer.

A Dell 5100cn colour laser printer, with built-in duplexing unit and built-in ethernet and it's bloody fast (>30 pages per minute if not duplexing; still bloody fast even when duplexing). It's really meant to be for a not-so-small office, but I have it at home. I got it 1/2 price when our company's Dell rep wanted to make his quarter (apparently in 1 day, we -- that is, the company and staff of the company -- doubled his quarter, so he was quite the happy camper). Anyhow, lovely printer.

Alas, it occasionally wrinkled pages when duplexing (printing double-sided).

It's under warranty, but I never had time to get around to calling Dell to get them to come out (on-site next-day service -- remember this, it's important) until Thursday last week.

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Suited at Stanford


Cough. Sore throat. Congestion (not too bad since I took a Sudafed 24hr thingy at 6am). Yuck. :/
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More printer silliness

So, the last entry left us with the situation that the Banctec tech would try to figure out what the minor part which got a tab broken off was. He couldn't figure it out (probably because it's not a part they normally provide [separately]), so asked if I had a digital camera and could send him photos so he could ... I guess get Dell people to identify the part? So, well, I took photos.