June 20th, 2006



So, I'm in Colorado. Louisville, CO, to be precise. I'm here with 2 colleagues, Matt and Damien, from my team at work, testing DCS at CableLabs.

After a horrible ordeal (I HATE United with a fiery passion) getting here on Sunday afternoon (yes, we wasted our Sunday sitting around in the airport, sitting around on a motionless plane stuffed into dispersed middle seats, and sitting on a finally in-flight plane), we found an awesome restaurant entirely by chance. We were actually going to go to a Gordon Biersch, but Bloom was in the same super-swanky, super-new mall thingy, and it looked so good that we went in. We did not regret it! The food was fantastic! The rack of lamb (medium-rare) was delicious, and I'm not sad that the aged new york steak (which also sounded great) was no longer available that night. Guess what? We're going back tonight (in about half an hour). Maybe they'll have the steak. :) The bread was FANTASTIC herb bread, with herb butter. The appetizer (warm brie, with whole roast garlic, roasted red peppers, crostini and baby greens salad) was wonderful, and more than enough for 3. Damien's Tilapia, which I tried a little bit of, was also stunningly good (and had a description longer than crankyfool's *$$ drink order -- it would've been about 5 lines -- wow). The desserts were utterly delectable. *DROOL* YUM. Good gods, yum! I am so looking forward to 40m from now when we arrive and sit down to eat dinner there again! :)

Monday, we spent the day at CableLabs, with a short trip to Chili's (the Louisville, CO Chili's is really good, BTW) for lunch, then had dinner at Il Fornaio, in the same mall restaurant-y area as Bloom.

Today, we never did get out of the lab for lunch! Instead, we had free pizza! Another vendor visiting the CableLabs Dev Lab had pizza brought in, and there was far too much, so they invited everyone to dig in. :) It was pretty decent pizza.

Over the course of the 2 days, it seemed at times like we were totally wasting our time, but in the end we managed to achieve everything that we set out to do, plus learned quite a few things about DOCSIS, CableHome and PacketCable. Oy. Such a lot of complexity. Oh, right, and we found 2 bugs... both related to options in the cablelabs DHCP option space ... which we have, of course, fixed.

Tomorrow morning, we fly back to SJC.
GoKart Racer

What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?

My hotel is surrounded by cute little bunnies!

In other news, aglaglaglaglagl... Aged New York Steak, medium-rare, with asparagus, potato gratin, roasted garlic and a balsamic reduction at Bloom: OMGWTFYUM! Oh, and same can be said for the "Bars of Sin" dessert: rich praline base, heavenly chocolate mouse, coated in a beautifully perfect shell of shiny dark chocolate, with caramel and dark chocolate sauces, creme anglaise, a stylishly curved wafer drizzled with chocolate, and Bailey's ice cream. Oh, and some berries (raspberries this time -- which Damien took, since I wasn't going to eat them) and an orchid bloom (which I did not eat, and I did not give to Damien, though he tried the orchid on his plate, apparently, and it was purportedly bland).
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Things to do in Denver when You're Bored

You're in Louisville, CO. It's 9pm. You have to check out of your hotel room at 9am the next morning to have breakfast and drive to the airport. You have a rental car and a tank of gas. What do you do? What DO you DO?!

I may just be boring as heck and hang out in my hotel room, catch up on LJ (haven't been caught up in over a week), then go to sleep ... but ... but ... I feel like I ought to explore. I still haven't been to Denver itself, only to DEN, the airport. I have no clue what I'd do in Denver at 10pm on a Tuesday night, though.
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Driving my car

I wasn't boring!

Rather than sitting in my hotel room, I ventured bravely unto the breach (well, to Denver) and drove to downtown Denver and wandered around the 16th St. mall. It was interesting. Possibly a tiny bit sketchy at 10-11pm on a Tuesday night, but less sketchy than the rest of the city that I drove through. Yay! Now I can say I've been to Denver, not just DEN!
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