July 27th, 2006

American Government

I've been saying all along ...

... that relying on filters to post really personal stuff which you wouldn't want seen by your {boss,family,...} is a REALLY bad idea. My reasons have been that (1) you're relying on the fact that there will never be a bug that makes your posts more public than they should be, (2) anybody at the company who runs LJ (or replace with <people-who-run-whatever-site-you-use>) potentially has access to whatever they want to access, and (3) you might be legally forced to disclose your posts.

Here's another reason (not one I hadn't considered, but one which I considered to be likely to be less likely and, well, assuming they can access whatever they like is a good policy): The government could force access to your private posts.

In this new age, apparently the government not only can but will force access to your private "posts", and for something as insignificant as for interviewing you for an internship! Yes, you read that right. It wasn't LJ, but there is nothing stopping it from being LJ next time.


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California Quarter

Best. Ticket. EVAR.

Subject: don't point to porn site

Amusingly, the reference site for SNMP info is not netsnmp.org but
net-snmp.org. We should correct that toot sweet.
... and the response (thanks to bizzy_ :P) ...
Having read the documentation on net-snmp.org for the last
two weeks or so, I like the other guides a lot more. Could we
include some of the illustrations?