August 9th, 2006


UK outdoes US in gargantuan stupidity

I guess I'm not flying to the UK again. Maybe ever (well, until they lift those PSYCHOTIC restrictions... on trans-Atlantic flights, they'll have people going postal... you can't even bring a BOOK?!). I'll really get depressed if any other countries start following suit... :/

Edit: It seems that the new security restrictions are in fact for the most part for actual good reasons, which makes it even more depressing, because it seems more likely that this will mark a permanent change in air travel. At least some of the changes will probably remain. The fact that you can't bring a book on the plane in the UK, I still maintain is crazy, especially for trans-Atlantic flights, but I guess they're reacting with tough measures really quickly and one can only hope they will eventually relax the over-zealous bits later.