August 11th, 2006


Covered in coffee ..... AGAIN


I am covered in about 80% of a "venti 2-extra-shots light-ice non-fat no-whip white mocha valencia".

How did this happen?

Starbucks made 2 of them by mistake. Vivian left me both. crankyfool was lacking a drink, so I told him he could have the duplicate. He came over to my cube and whilst attempting to put a straw in it, managed to fumble it, it fell over, the top came off, and 20floz (0.59 litres) of sweet milky coffee went streaming all over my desk, me, my chair and the floor.

I managed to get my desktop's keyboard and my laptop mostly out of the way. A significant amount of clean-up and swapping my chair for crankyfool's (identical) one and my cube is ... somewhat back to normal. Ish. My clothes are still drenched. Yuck.

The "best" thing about this story?

This is the SECOND time crankyfool has managed to deposit the contents of a venti Starbucks drink all over me! The first time, I was conducting an interview when he came in to deliver coffee. The delivery was not exactly as intended.