November 27th, 2006

Leaf on the Wind

Absolutely furious.

Flanvention II to be cancelled?!?!

The person who posted the link on Whedonesque accompanied it with a comment, "Can this be serious? How can a sold out convention be having financial problems? It makes no sense."

Damn right it makes no sense.

This makes me absolutely FURIOUS. The only way you can possibly have a sold-out convention have to be cancelled due to lack of financing is if there is disgraceful, horrendous mis-management. I am disgusted beyond words with Booster Events.

I stopped short of saying it on the Browncoats lists, because I figure it could be like throwing petrol on the flames, but ... this sounds like criminal negligence. It's not like they charged too little. The tickets were a similar price to last year's Flanvention, there's fewer headline guests than last year, I believe more people bought tickets than last year (last year didn't fully sell out), and yet ... they're having funding problems? Someone suggested in a thread about this that BE had used the funds from Flanvention II ticket sales to fund other underattended conventions. This sounds plausible and, frankly, criminal. If they can't afford to put on the convention, how will they afford to pay us all back for our purchased tickets?!