December 21st, 2006

Driving my car


While in town earlier today, we were on South Anne Street, and I suddenly realised that we must drop in to Sheridan's! We got to try lots of different cheeses while deciding what to buy. Of all the cheeses we tried, we bought 5:
    Le Rustique (camembert):
    Extremely creamy, rich and smooth. It's like a mature, wonderful brie, but better.

    Blue D'Auvergne:
    A medium-strong blue cheese, not very soft but not a hard cheese. Definitely salty. Very strong veins and large air bubbles. Quite creamy. Very good.

    Gorgonzola Cremoso:
    This gorgonzola is really very soft indeed. Creamy and very subtle/mild blue cheese flavour. No harshness. Very tasty.

    Apparently it's a cows' milk cheese from high up in the Swiss alps, and seemingly they only get it in this time of year. It'a rich, fruity, mature and very tasty.

    An Irish goats' milk cheese, Clonmore is unusual (as far as my experience goes) in goats' milk cheeses in that it is neither a soft cheese nor crumbly. It is about the firmness of a young gruyere or cheddar, but is clearly goat cheese ... without any of the sharpness one often comes across in goat cheeses..
We actually started off with trying an Epoisse, however it was the same one we can get in California, and the other cheeses we tried were (perhaps in part due to their being less common, to us) more interesting.