February 16th, 2007

Victor Garber

Bush Has 2 Moles Removed From Temple

Isn't that a great headline? Bush Has 2 Moles Removed From Temple. It's wonderfully unclear. I didn't know whether he had surgery to remove skin blemishes or had a couple of spies arrested.

On a related note, how weird is is that a regular Google search for that gave me no hits, but then simply clicking on News gave me several? Silly Google. I was under the impression that Google Web search results were meant to include/suggest relevant Google News search results.
Suited at Stanford

New supplementary radiation warning symbol.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has introduced a new supplementary radiation warning symbol, intended to convey better the dangers of radiation than the traditional three-armed radiation warning symbol.

"WARNING: Do not run under ceiling fan!"
"WARNING: Giant skull will chase you under ceiling fan!"

Also see an unrelated funny, First-Aid for the Dying Dot-Com. Both mentioned to me by mcl.