March 2nd, 2007


If I had a mini-USB cable...

... then I could include a picture of us with Mr. Richard Hatch, but, well, I can't.

We won (or I should say urox won, but it was a 2-person pass [or, really, a pair of wrist bands]) the right to go and see "300" tonight on the IMAX screen at the Metreon. This was apparently the first ever public screening of the film (according to the director, who was there [as were the producers and a tonne of people from Warner Brothers] and spoke before the movie).

I wasn't sure whether it would be lame, awesome, or just eh.

I have to say, it was a lot of fun, and despite not getting the best seats in the house (3-4 rows from the back, central are the best seats, which is why they were "Reserved for WB" :) ... it was really awesome on IMAX.

BTW, this was not just the regular 35mm print of the movie blown up to (somewhat) fill the IMAX screen (when we saw Serenity on that screen, that was what it was, and while fantastic, you could tell the quality wasn't what it could be). This was "the IMAX version of the film" (according to the director; and given how crisp it was, I believe it).

We're both thinking we might have to see it again -- definitely on the IMAX screen, and we'd have to show up early enough to get good seats.

Incidentally, the movie should appeal to guys, girls and definitely to Siglerites ("... and lots, and LOTS, of violence!"), due to the prevalance of eye-candy for all of the above. It's not Shakespeare. It is awfully fun. Unlike the 45 minute snorefest of extreme boredom of the battle of helm's deep in LotR, this movie made epic battles interesting, compelling, and not in the least boring.

See it -- on as big a screen as humanly possible!