June 19th, 2007

Bowling Action

Costco RWC expansion... and AT&T tries to sit on deal... oh, plus DSL yays!

The Costco store in Redwood City, CA (where I work) has plans to remodel/expand to include a gas station and rotisserie chicken facilities. There's going to be a public hearing about it tonight at 7pm (more info). I wish I could attend, in support of Costco's plans (I want to be able to get gas near work at Costco prices! ... and their rotisserie chicken rocks), but I can't today. Damn. Going out to dinner with a friend from Ireland who's attending Usenix. Oh well. I really hope Costco get the go-ahead...

In other news, apparently AT&T as a merger condition agreed to make $10/month DSL available for two and a half years starting last Saturday (2007.06.16) ... but were planning to sit on the information -- have it available, but never advertise it, since they didn't really want people subscribing for $10/month when they could charge them more! Hah! This isn't relevant to me, because it's 768kbps dynamic IP service, and I need static IP service ... plus our direct-to-the-CO connection was only capable of 384kbps, and if we're going through the pain of over a week of DSL downtime to get switched to a connection-via-a-"Remote-Terminal" (aka "RT" -- really, a repeater, close to / at the demarc), we're going to get more than 768kbps, gosh darnit! Still, I'm amused that the service they didn't want advertised is getting lots of publicity. Hehehe.

Speaking of DSL, we FINALLY have reconnection scheduled. Thursday! Yay!!! As of last night, I thought we'd be lucky if it happened by Friday. So, 2 days from now we should be back on-line at up to 6Mbps at home. Awesome! :) I might explode if they screw it up. Let's hope they don't.

LJ Permanent Account Sale starts on Thursday

Cool. :) They're doing another sale of LJ permanent accounts (the first in 2 years) starting on Thursday, June 21st, 2 days from now. $150 forever. The last one they had was shortly after I started using LJ, and I figured it was worth it if I was going to use LJ at all (I like the feature of never having to pay them again, and having all the benefits of paid accounts and more). If you're going to do it, do it in the first 36hrs so that they have to give $25 of it to charity! =) The charities in question are good ones to support.