September 11th, 2008

Suited at Stanford

The verbing of "Green"

It frustrates me greatly that people have started to use green as a verb, as in:
    "Green your organisation!"
    "The greening of CompanyName"
As if it wasn't sufficiently lazy (albeit perfectly ok; I don't have a problem with it) to shorten "We're making CompanyName environmentally friendly" to "We're making CompanyName green" ... now it has to ratchet up the laziness and be written as "We're greening CompanyName"?

One of the first times I saw this was at my company, but I think that was about the same time that the buzzword had been on the cover of every business magazine and so on. Since then, I've seen it many times. All of this seems to have started within the past 6 months (perhaps 4 or 5).

Ugh. This seems to me as bad as "u" and "r" for "you" and "are" and so on, as originally used by many in instant messages and SMS messages and now in practically every other medium.