Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Dear Livejournal: The strangest thing happened to me today when I went to Starbucks...

I went to Starbucks on Veteran's Blvd in Redwood City [*] today on the way back to the office after grabbing something to eat for (late) lunch.

The weirdest thing happened while I was there.

As I arrived, I noticed this ANCIENT truck (like, 50+ years old?) parked not in a space but along-side the end of a row of spaces with a large dog (possibly a great dane) sitting in the passenger side. I drove past to a space, pulled in. This old guy who appeared to be walking from the ancient truck walked past and walked up beside (other side of) a recent model red mustang in the space beside mine, did something, then walked quickly away back to his truck and drove off. An elevator repair guy going to Erik's saw what happened and I had a look to verify. This old guy driving the ancient truck had SLASHED THE FRICKIN' TIRE (left front) of the mustang. WTF?!

I knew something had gone on because I heard the elevator repair guy say something I couldn't quite hear to his friend, another elevator repair guy, so I asked them when I left, thus getting the dish. I thought maybe he'd keyed it or something.

Who knows why on earth he did it. Quite the bit of drama for a trip to Starbucks!

[*] It's not really where the marker on the map shows it. That would make it pretty dangerous trying to walk in to get coffee -- or it would be a fascinating new kind of Drive-Thru. It's actually in the hexagonal building NNW of the marker.
Tags: car, life, weird

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