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Has Joss been reading William Gibson?

I have to wonder if Joss has been reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

I mean, viral marketting is a central theme, so I could already have wondered that back when Joss and good ol' 'Versal[1] were clearly supporting grass-roots Browncoat efforts to help promote the BDM[2] and so on, but it really made me wonder when these clips started showing up on the 'net. When the second one showed up (the first to show up was "session 416", then second "session 1", and "session 22" [well, "excerpts" from said "sessions"] showed up all over the 'net today), it really hit me that this was so much like "the footage" in Pattern Recognition. I mean, random or seemingly random bits of unexplained footage showing up in a non-linear order on-line, with no explanation? It's not quite so mystical as "the footage" in Pattern Recognition, where there is no clear order to the clips, and it is very hard to know what they are about, but there are some things in common with it.

The second one to show up was apparently "submitted" by one "John Dowses", which happens to be an acronym for you-know-who[3], which is pretty cool/amusing. :) In a way they kind of spoiled it by admitting that it was them (and actually Joss is in the clips himself, along with Summer Glau), but it's still fun/interesting to see what'll surface next: What will it show? Which session will it be?

It's a really intriguing way to get a buzz going!

Go Joss! Go Universal! Go Serenity!

[1] Universal! They've been shiny!
[2] The Big Damn Movie--Serenity, of course!
[3] Joss Whedon!
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